Adsense added website audit tips and found some violations

Adsense added website audit tips and found solutions to some violations. Today is the second time Adsense fed back the email that failed the website audit. There are still some violations in the prompt content, but it didn’t specify which content is in violation. I don’t know how to rectify and submit it to Adsense. Two possible reasons for violating Adsense cooperation specification are analyzed. I don’t know whether they are accurate or not.

老达博客谷歌联盟广告通过验证,开始展示Google Adsense广告

老达博客谷歌联盟广告通过验证,开始展示Google Adsense广告。解决了adsense提示网站无法访问的问题,重新设置了域名绑定,adsense广告可正常显示了,一个页面可以显示几个广告的问题,adsense广告获得了收入。

在老达博客投放google adsense广告 – 解决adsense广告不显示的问题